2018 Launch: Redefining Our Industry


2018 Launch

I joined an unbelievable company this year that has an unwavering mission: to redefine our industry.  That comes at the expense of taking more time with clients, spending more hours in customer service, and finding the grit to do the job right the first time.  Though I was already excited to get aboard, meeting Chad Porter at our company's "Redefine" launch was a catalyst for what I have hope for, and what I believe will be a great year.  

Chad teaches that life happens to us all.  It was never promised to us that it would be easy, and a single moment can turn things upside down.  These moments in life are epic, because our actions during these seasons will ultimately define us.  We can choose to wallow in our shame, our gloom or despair, or we can believe in our own self-worth, have confidence, and get up.  

Chad's unique story took us back to the day that he lost his leg in a horrific accident, and showed us the courage that can be born from the human heart, and the will that propels us to succeed, regardless of what cards we are dealt.  If we have breath, we have hope, and that message was never more clear than at our company launch when Chad Porter came and shared with us.  He was an encouragement to me, and his honest delivery made his message nutritive to our staff and our hope to grow together as a company this year.  

I can only hope that many of our employees will embrace the message he delivered that day.  For we can never underestimate what we can accomplish if we will embrace hope, and employ action.  Thank you Chad, for sharing with us, and may this be a springboard for the success of Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair in 2018.  

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