Testimonials for Southeast Foundation and Crawl Space Repair

Mr. Chris Taylor of Greenville, NC was another happy customer after Southeast Foundation and Crawl Space Repair installed the CleanSpace CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System in the crawl space of his home.
Chris T. of Greenville, NC
Friday, February 23rd
Kenny had been look at having his crawl space looked at for a while, so he called Southeast Foundation and Crawl Space Repair. He is one happy customer in knowing that his crawl space is protected with our CleanSpace Encapsulation System.
Kenny J. of Hope Mills, NC
Monday, March 27th
 Myron contacted Southeast Foundation and Crawl Space Repair concerned about a slab in his rental home that had started to sink and the brick cracked. We were able to fix the home using our PolyLevel Injection System. Myron is happy that he chose Southeast Foundation and Crawl Space Repair for his home repair needs.
Myron C. of Jacksonville, NC
Thursday, April 20th
Mr. Stanley had problems with cracking concrete with his Bladen County, NC home. Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair was able to help him fix the concrete with the use of the PolyLevel System.
Stanley L. of Saint Pauls, NC
Tuesday, September 1st
Margie contacted Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair after receiving damage to her home during Hurricane Florence. During the storm uprooted trees, flooding waters compromised the foundation of her home, so she called Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair to stabilize her home and protect her crawl space from moisture issues related to the crawl space flooding.
Margie C. of Castle Hayne, NC
Monday, February 18th
Mr. George and his wife were thrilled with the Push Pier System fixing cracks in their brick home.
George G. of Wilmington, NC
Wednesday, December 20th
Paul discovered a 13 foot crack in the foundation of his slab home in St. James Plantation after having a water leak. Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair was able to help Paul fix the crack with the use of PolyLevel to lift and stabilize the foundation.
Paul W. of Southport, NC
Tuesday, March 6th
Melyssa contacted Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair due to standing water and high humidity in the crawl space of her home in Clayton, NC. We were able to help Melyssa and her family by installing the CleanSpace Encapsulation System. See how happy she is with the work that Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair did to help.
Melyssa G. of Clayton, NC
Wednesday, April 11th
Albert of Johnston County, NC is a happy customer after Southeast Foundation and Crawl Space Repair fixed the floor of his home.
Albert V. of Smithfield, NC
Wednesday, January 31st
Janet contacted Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair after previously having an encapsulation installed by another company that she was not happy with along with being destroyed by neighboorhood critters that had taken up residence in the crawl space. Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair was able to help Janet by completely ripping out the old encapsulation and replacing it with a fresh and new CleanSpace Encapsulation System. Hear what she has to say about Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair and the help that we were able to provide her with the crawl space of her home.
Janet G. of Goldsboro, NC
Friday, April 13th
Gloria and her husband bought a beautiful home in Sanford, NC. Unfortunately they had several issues in the crawl space of the home that made the area wet and moldy. Southeast Foundation and Crawl Space Repair fixed the issues in the crawl space with our CleanSpace Encapsulation System.
Gloria M. of Sanford, NC
Friday, April 21st
Melissa is another happy customer after Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair raised her home with the Push Pier System and installed the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System.
Melissa N. of Spring Lake, NC
Friday, February 2nd
  Sam M. called Southeast Foundation Repair for help with the crawlspace in his in Clinton, NC home. It had a very bad problem with mold, moisture and dry rot.To solve these problems, Southeast Foundation Repair installed a full CleanSpace Crawl Space encapsulation system. This system completely isolates the crawl space from the two major sources of moisture: ground water evaporation and outside air. The space is then conditioned with a powerful, energy- efficient dehumidifier to control RH levelsm so mold will never come back. The crawl space is now dry, clean and mold free with an added bonus: it made the entire home more energy efficient!Even with the dehumidifier running, Sam has been able to save between $25 and $30 dollars per month in heating and cooling bills! "I highly recommend this to anybody that has moisture or any crawl space issue whatsoever for one simple reason: it makes undr your house a lot neater, electricity bill goes down, just really a lot better place that you can live in" -- concludes Sam.
Sam M. of Clinton, NC
Wednesday, March 25th
  One of the sidewalk slabs in Robert O.'s Clinton, NC home had sunken about 2 inches into the ground creating a serious trip hazard. After considering alternatives such as mudjacking and slab replacement, Robert decided to trust Southeast Foundation Repair with the job, as they are the exclusive area dealer for the revolutionary PolyLEVEL™ system. Using the PolyLEVEL™ system, the company was able to quickly lift and level the concrete slab, for a fraction of the cost of slab replacement, and much less mess and disruption than conventional mudjacking,Fifteen minutes after application, the sidewalk was ready to be walked on. "On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give Southeast Foundation a 10 for sure, as well as recommend them to anybody else. I an recommend them to anyone for any kind of foundation problems because they know what they're doing." -- says Robert.
Robert O. of Clinton, NC
Wednesday, March 25th
Nancy and her husband was redoing to basement of their lovely home in Morehead City, NC, they wanted a strong, mold and mildew resident floors that would look great for years, so they called Southeast Foundation and Crawl Space Repair. She is extremely happy that they did, they absolutely loves it.
Nancy P. of Morehead City, NC
Monday, March 27th
Testimonial Photo by Cynthia R.
Patient recommended you for my crawl space and you did such a fantastic job with that I knew I'd use you for my driveway. ALWAYS professional, quality and timely service, great crew. Couldn't ask for anything more!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Cynthia R. of New Bern, NC
Monday, July 4th
Testimonial Photo by Ben U.
Jeremie was knowledgeable and provided complete details of all the work to be done.  Josh did a thorough job of explaining step-by-step process they would perform to encapsulate our crawl space and did everything exactly as they described.  Exceptional cleanup.
Ben U. of Wilmington, NC
Sunday, March 27th
Very satisfied with the company. Very quick and polite office staff. Good sales representative. Excellent installation crew. 
Ken C. of Raleigh, NC
The crew did a very good job. Job site was completely cleaned up both inside and out. The crew was courteous and professional. All issues were promptly addressed. Great Job. 
C D. of Greenville, NC
Tuesday, October 9th
Very impressed. Office staff did a good job and the salesman was very informative and knowledgeable. The installation crew was fast and efficient, Best pricing and quality around. 
Daniel A. of Goldsboro, NC
Very satisfied with the overall job. Good office staff. Had a good experience with salesman and installation crew.
Richard N. of Dudley, NC
Friday, June 16th
Very hard working and polite crew. All of the trash from job site was cleaned up and removed. Both men worked in an unpleasant work situation due to the very low crawlspace and hot weather. Each time I visited the site they were working and knew what they needed to do. Mr. Futrell gave excellent explanations of the job and knew exactly what he was doing and expected results. Very confident in his knowledge and ability. 
J K. of Dunn, NC
Tuesday, August 5th
Testimonial Photo by Jason A.
Jason in Dunn, NC had a problem with one corner of his home had started to settle. The crew installed a Push Pier on the corner of the home and stabilized the home for many years to come. He left a little note for our office to read.
Jason A. of Dunn, NC
Tuesday, August 11th
Testimonial Photo by Chris B.
This customer in Falcon, NC had problems with sidewalks at his business that had started to drop, causing a tripping hazard. After our crew lead by Victor fixed the sidewalks with the PolyLevel Injection System they sidewalks are a safe area and not a tripping hazard. He is so happy with the work performed that he left us a little note on the paperwork. 
Chris B. of Falcon, NC
Tuesday, August 11th
Very Satisfied! 1st class and very professional crew. Could hardly tell they were under the home working. Very knowledgeable of product and application of product to fix our issues. 
John R. of New Bern, NC
Friday, June 16th
Testimonial Photo by Kathleen W.
Justin showed understanding of product, had patience, used materials and media to demonstrate.
Kathleen W. of Merritt, NC
Friday, July 1st
Crew was excellent. They did a great job. They were very professional and installation looked good and was correct. Foreman explained the system and we feel it will solve our crawlspace problems. Will be recommending to friends . Thanks again for a great job!
S B. of Vass, NC
Friday, June 27th
The crew did a great job. They were very nice and explained everything to me. Work was professionally done and everything was cleaned up and nice. 
Willie G. of Kenansville, NC
Friday, July 18th
Satisfied with the overall experience.Good installation crew and office staff. Liked the salesman. Satisfied with the cleanup after job was completed. Really liked dealing with a local company.
Marian M. of Clinton, NC
Friday, June 16th
The crew was very nice and hard working. Work space was cleaned up after install. Hopefully my problem with moisture is finally solved. Explained system thoroughly. 
R H. of Clinton, NC
Thursday, December 13th
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