The Dirt Crawl Space Problem

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 by Derek Moore

There's no way to ignore the fact that water vapor naturally escapes from exposed earth.  That's why it can be dangerous to have a crawl space left unchecked.  All sorts of problems could be brewing.  Experts recommend that homeowners have a full crawl space encapsulation installation upon first buying their home, not after a few years of exposure to the elements as commonly thought.  Groundwater finds ways to enter our crawl spaces through leaks and cracks, through block walls and around the footing of our homes. 

The problem isn't the water, though.  Its the water vapor.  When evaporation begins, it then becomes a never-ending detriment to the climate of our homes, and the slow and steady loss of humidity-control commences.  Because crawl spaces are naturally cool, bringing warm humid air in causes the humidity to rise as that air cools.  Herein lies the danger.  This causes rot, energy loss, attracts all sorts of pests, and even causes mold that can be a danger to your family. 

Giving careful attention to the atmosphere and space below your home, could be the best thing you do for the future and health of those you live with above.  Whether you're in Chinquapin, NC or anywhere else in our territory, give us a call today!

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