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Common Crawl Space Problems in Summer 

What summer heat can do to your crawl space should be the least of your concerns. Other issues are weightier and more harmful. Knowing what these issues are can help you avoid costly or unnecessary repairs. 


Your first concern should be mold growth, a pretty common phenomenon in dimly lit and moist environments. This microorganism can easily grow and thrive in your crawl space. Black mold is the most toxic one. However, other types of mold like yellow mold can cause structural decay. Mold also nourishes crawling insects, so it could possibly encourage an insect invasion in your crawl space.


Next up is condensation. Condensation occurs when moist air gets into the crawl space and lands on cool surfaces. At some point, the air gives up its moisture. That’s when you’ll see moisture droplets forming on your crawl space walls and insulation. Too much condensation can cause many problems inside the crawl space and even in your home. 


When outside air rushes into your home, it doesn’t just bring moisture. It brings mold spores, dust mites, and other pollutants. All these are potentially harmful. They will lower the quality of the indoor air, and your loved ones may experience allergies, itchy eyes, and respiratory problems.


Air from the outside won’t just cause breathing problems, it can also ruin your crawl space insulation. Fiberglass is susceptible to moisture. It sucks in moisture when exposed to humid conditions. The excess moisture will weigh it down and reduce its R-value, eventually causing it to fall off your crawl space walls and ceiling. After some time, your wooden joists and beams may start rotting. These underlying support structures will continue decaying until they crumble under the weight of your home. Keep an eye out for problem signs such as: settling floors or leaning walls, as they’re signs of impending structural collapse. 


Hampstead, NC - crawl space before


Protecting Your Crawl Space in Summer

If you have open vents, seal them with vent covers and stop outside air from flowing into the crawl space. However, it’s pointless to block the vents and leave the crawl space open to the elements. 


Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair has the products you need to seal your crawl space.  CleanSpace is a thick 20-mil plastic vapor barrier that is installed in the crawl space to completely seal off the space. This heavy-duty material covers your entire floor and crawl space walls. This locks out warm, moist air, and makes it less attractive to wood-damaging pests and insects. Your crawl space will remain clean and dry for much of the year.

Hampstead, NC - crawl space after CleanSpace installation



Don’t forget to install crawl space insulation and replace any existing insulation if it is damaged. That’s the only way to ensure any changes outside don’t affect your home. When it’s hot outside, your home will remain cool. And when it’s cold outside, your crawl space and home will be much warmer.  


Cover all your south-facing windows with curtains or blinds to prevent hot air from flowing into your home. If you must open your windows, do so in the evening or early in the morning before the ground heats up. 


Your crawl space has the propensity to get humid and damp in summer for obvious reasons. Once you seal this area, install a crawl space dehumidifier to air out the air inside. Aim for at least 50% dryness. Otherwise, mold and wood decay will happen. We strongly advise you to get an energy-efficient dehumidifier with an air filtration mechanism. Such an appliance will remove moisture and clean up your air. 


Don’t let the hot and humid summer weather ruin your crawl space. Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair can help you deal with moisture before it causes problems. Schedule a free crawl space repair inspection with our experts and discover what’s wrong with the below-ground space in your home. 


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