Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Getting Rid of Mold Growth and Musty Smells in Goldsboro, NC

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018 by Mary White


Harvey contacted Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair because he had a crawl space that was very unpleasant to enter. After concerns of moisture and possible mold growth, Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair checked out his concerns.

Our inspector Justin Edwards completed a full assessment of the interior and exterior of the home and in the crawl space and designed a course of action that would meet Harvey's needs of removing the moisture and mold growth intrusion.


Our crawl space team lead by Pedro Meteo started the cleanup process of removing all debris, old moisture ridden insulation and re-grading the crawl space to make it an even surface below the home. To fight off the moisture intrusion the team installed  installed the CleanSpace Encapsulation System. They then installed the SilverGlo Insulation Panels which are a high- efficiency graphite- impregnated insulation with a built-in radiant heat barrier surface. The CleanSpace Encapsulation System is comprised of the 20 mil CleanSpace Encapsulation Liner which is a super durable 7 -layer polyethylene composition with a polyester cord reinforcement built in to protect the crawl space from moisture. They sealed this liner on the walls of the crawl space and also around the piers of the home.

After completing the liner process they installed the Sedona Dehumidifier, the world's most efficient dehumidifier without a bulk heat exchange core along with a  uniquely designed Smart Sump Sump Pump System. 

Harvey is excited to have a clean, bright and healthy area of the home that is worry free of mold, mildew, and moisture.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair

Design Specialist: Justin Edwards

Crew Foreman: Pedro Mateo

Products Installed: CleanSpace Encapsulation Liner, SilverGlo Insulation Panel, Smart Sump & Sedona Dehumidifier

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