Foundation Repair Case Studies: Cleanspace Vapor Barrier and Smart Jack Install

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 by Mary White


Home owner contacted our office concerned with foundation settlement, interior wall cracks and also interested in a vapor barrier system due to high moisture and humidity under home. 


Inspector Patrick Hannigan met with home owner and advised that he was dealing with pier settlement under home. Advised home owner that we could install our smart jacks under home to help support flooring system and also to completely close off crawlspace with our cleanspace vapor barrier system with dehumidifier to help prevent future water and moisture issues. Anthony Futrell and his crewman installed smart jacks in the crawlspace to help support settling piers . The crew also installed the cleanspace vapor barrier, sealed all outside vents with a dehumidifier and sump pump to eliminate water issues under home. Home owner is relieved with results and the warranty that came with our products. 

Project Summary

Crew Foreman: Anthony Futrell

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