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Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Sanford. Learn more about Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair's recent work requests in Sanford and nearby areas!

Learn more about Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair's recent work requests in Sanford, NC
Vicinity of Breezewood Road in Sanford
A recent inspection revealed deterioration in foundation wood across the front of home.
Vicinity of Whistling Wind in Sanford
Crawlspace shows signs of mold, standing water, poor drainage
Vicinity of Walter Bright Rd. in Sanford
Crawl space is conditioned, but mice have started to get into the house 2-3 years after it was done. Need to have any entrances from crawl space I to the house identified and sealed
Vicinity of in Sanford
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Vicinity of Walter Bright Rd in Sanford
Water in basement on home we are looking to purchase
Vicinity of in Sanford
Have a patio and sidewalk that are cracking and settling. Want to level/repair and add drainage on patio.
Vicinity of Green St in Sanford
Foundation and waterproofing
Vicinity of Pebblebrook Drive in Sanford
Crawspace wet and insulation hanging. When purchased home inspector said needed crawl space redone previous owners put insulation in wrong.
Vicinity of Erwin Road in Sanford
Basement flooding
Vicinity of Simpson Dr in Sanford
Foundation crack and separation of siding on the exterior of the home. On the interior cracks in the sheet rock in the same corner of the house.
Vicinity of Dunes Circle in Sanford
Would like to have new vapor barrier and insulation replaced in crawl space.
Vicinity of S Franklin Dr in Sanford
During an inspection, a crack was found along one part of the foundation of a property I am interested in purchasing. I'd like to have the foundation inspected and a estimate for repairs done before I purchase.
Vicinity of Forestwood Park Road in Sanford
There is shifting in our garbage and will we like to know if it is just settling or a foundation issue.
Vicinity of Rocky Fork Church Road in Sanford
Piers have settled. Need to Jack up level and reship
Vicinity of Bruce Coggins Rd in Sanford
With the multitude of rain late last year, we are unsure if the standing water found in our crawl space is merely due to this excess or another issue which needs resolution.
Vicinity of N Vance St in Sanford
I have a house with a brick foundation that was built in 1950. Over the 10+ years we've lived in the house, we've seen cracks forming mostly in the mortar joints of one section of our basement wall. Recently, we've noticed there's some slight bowing. We are currently getting estimates on what it would cost to repair.
Vicinity of McIver St in Sanford
House is old and needs foundation repair
Vicinity of Vail Ct in Sanford
I manage this property and found the front porch is sagging on on half. The homeowner requested an assessment and estimate for repairs. The house is currently vacant.
Vicinity of Dunes Circle in Sanford
Humidity and mold build-up in crawlspace.
Vicinity of CRANBERRY LN in Sanford
Poorly designed drainage system in crawl space that needs to be addressed. please contact me via e-mail so we can set up a time for a phone call and visit so we can get recommendations and estimate. thanks, rob
Vicinity of Cedar Lane Rd in Sanford
Sub-floor in kitchen is water compromised.Floor insulation has fallen down in the area. Interior floor gives if you walk on it. Do not know origin of water.
Vicinity of Windy Beach in Sanford
Brick wall on side of house is pulling apart from the house.
Vicinity of Mayflower Circle in Sanford
Waterproofing and insulation. I am interested also in encapsulating my crawl space.
Vicinity of Winterlocken Drive in Sanford
Water coming up through the floor. Went 16 years with no flooding and now it has flooded twice in the past two years during the hurricanes. Lots of development over the last two years in the neighborhood. Wondering if that has something to do with it.
Vicinity of Carolina Way in Sanford
Keep our hardwood floors in the kitchen and dinning room from buckling.
Vicinity of Wood Run in Sanford
Reoccurring crack around door frame.
Vicinity of Peppermill Road in Sanford
Water in basement
Vicinity of Edgemont Terrace in Sanford
Need an estimate for installing crawl space barrier
Vicinity of W McIntosh St in Sanford
Basement liner
Vicinity of Harborview Drive in Sanford
Need my basement waterproofed and/or have drainage put in around my home.
Vicinity of Lemon Springs Road in Sanford
I need the old insulation removed, vapor barrier and crawl space sealed, floor joist dried and re insulated as needed.
Vicinity of Maplewood Dr. in Sanford
I need to have my insulation in my crawl space inspected. I have been told that it was installed incorrectly. Do you provide a free estimate?
Vicinity of Denada Path in Sanford
We live in Sanford and our basement leaked after a pretty hard rain. We'd like someone to come out and see how we can waterproof it so it doesn't continue to happen. Thanks!
Vicinity of Cresthaven Dr in Sanford
Our driveway has settled about an inch down on one side. It has caused a thin crack that extends almost the full length of the driveway.
Vicinity of Owls Nest Road in Sanford
Water in crawlspace after hard rain, water comes in on one side of house
Vicinity of DUNES DR in Sanford
Front brick stoop continues to settle and allow water to pool and enter in between stoop and foundation of home.
Vicinity of Calvary Church Rd in Sanford
Inquiring about a free estimate for a possible leak . I notice moisture and possible mold in my garage and an odd puddle about 20 from my home
Vicinity of Smoketree Ct in Sanford
Recently replaced the duct work throughout due to mold/mildew. Terminix recently inspected and recommend replacing vapor barrier. I wish to compare an encapsulation option vs just a vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Cox Mill Road in Sanford
Need to turn Damp Crawl Space into a clean and leveling of space floor, usable Space and need to be seal a crawl space.
Vicinity of Nixon Dr in Sanford
Water getting into basement
Vicinity of Forest Glen Drive in Sanford
Multiple cracks in walls, ceiling cracks, cracks in driveway, cracks in garage floor
Vicinity of Pumping Station Rd. Sanford NC in Sanford
Sloping floors 1st and 2nd floor near stairwell
Vicinity of McDaniel Drive in Sanford
Cracks in exterior bricks, cracks in wall
Vicinity of Jefferson Davis Hwy in Sanford
Cracks in wall
Vicinity of Edwards Rd in Sanford
We got a quote a while back and are ready to move forward with the work. We would like to talk about some finance options. We look forward to hearing from you.
Vicinity of McGill St in Sanford
Looking for options to repair leaning retaining wall
Vicinity of Clearwater Dr in Sanford
Crawl space humidity unfinished basement humidity and occasional water leaks during heavy rain
Vicinity of White Heron Ct in Sanford
Signs of water intrusion on basement walls.
Vicinity of Ravens Wood Cir in Sanford
Would like a vapor barrier installed in our crawlspace. About 1000 square feet.
Vicinity of Edwards Rd in Sanford
Sagging floor and dropping foundation
Vicinity of Snow Circle in Sanford
My kitchen/bathroom floor trusses are "slightly" sagging according to my home owner inspector. I'd like to get a quote on getting it fixed. Thank you
Vicinity of Cool Springs Rd in Sanford
I would like a sump pump/drain installed in the area where my basement door is located. Also, I have some leaking around the pipe that my washer (located in basement) drains into.
Vicinity of Clearwater Drive in Sanford
Have mold in section of crawl space. Home is 1400 sq ft, brick. Have rotted joist that need replaced and or sistered . Crawl space needs to be moisture proofed and repairs to rotted floor joists. No effect in home has been experienced but need crawl space moisture proofed and rotted joists replaced / repaired or sistered.
Vicinity of Thomas Scott Rd in Sanford
We want to get an estimate for releveling our mobile home.
Vicinity of Quail Hollow in Sanford
I had a home inspection and I am concerned with water intrusion.
Vicinity of Quail Ridge Dr. in Sanford
The concrete around our in ground pool is sinking and cracking. So is the concrete on our driveway.
Vicinity of Briarwood Pl in Sanford
I have a residential concrete driveway that water erosion has washed the sand underneath away. The slab is not cracked, but I am afraid it will with heavy vehicles. Interested in possible solution with the industrial foam. Thank you.
Vicinity of Casablanca Ct in Sanford
Water seeping through exterior wall
Vicinity of Crepe Myrtle Drive in Sanford
I have a basement area that has water coming in from the outside during rains on one side of the house's foundation. It appears that it is coming in from a localized location at the foundation. Would like to have it inspected and a quote to repair the foundation to stop the leak. It isn't a finished basement but it does have good headroom.
Vicinity of Cliffside Drive in Sanford
Seal basement
Vicinity of Starboard Tack in Sanford
Husband found white mold growing on the ground (dirt) of the crawlspace after he said he smelled a "musty" smell.
Vicinity of Richmond Drive in Sanford
Moisture/water infiltration in crawlspace. In need of professional assessment to remedy problem. Thanks.
Vicinity of Lord Ashley Drive in Sanford
We are in the process of buying a home and have found some moisture issues in crawl space. We are gathering estimates to see what needs to be done to correct the problem.
Vicinity of Fairway Woods in Sanford
Condensation on ductwork is dripping onto shoddy vapor barrier. Small puddles under the house, and musty smell in home. Very high humidity in the home, as well. Just returned to the house after renting it out for 3 years. Have no idea how long this has been a problem.
Vicinity of Bristol Way in Sanford
House built in 2003 but still settling. Interior walls on both floors get cracks that I repair. Need quote on repair. thank you
Vicinity of Forest Hills Ct in Sanford
Do you do crawl space encapsulation?
Vicinity of Valley Rd. in Sanford
Moisture seeping in through basement wall. Drywall showing signs of extreme moisture.
Vicinity of McIver St in Sanford
Foundation is crumbling
Vicinity of St. Andrews Dr. in Sanford
New house with main floor sinking.
Vicinity of Clearwater Dr in Sanford
Front porch slab has sunk. Approx. 8'x15'
Vicinity of Greenwood Rd. in Sanford
Cracks in the wall, wall separation,dip in the floor.
Vicinity of Brookfield Circle in Sanford
Settling of house....floors are seperating from wall trim
Vicinity of Park Ave in Sanford
Water under house. And mold etc;
Vicinity of Cool Springs Road in Sanford
Moisture under house.
Vicinity of Leeds Ct in Sanford
Wet crawl space.
Vicinity of Duffers Ln in Sanford
The moisture from under the house is causing the wood floor to buckle
Vicinity of Sherwood Dr in Sanford
Cracks above windows, house not level,
Vicinity of Allen Farms Rd in Sanford
Need crawlspace trench dug/footer tiles installed to channel water into existing sump pump basin.Thanks!
Vicinity of Gunter Lake Road in Sanford
We are finding cracks in the walls and trimming coming loose, puddles that instead of staying put go one direction or the other, uneven door frames. We fixed the window in the spare bathroom two months ago and already we are seeing the trim uneven and cracking. This place is old 1986 old, and like but don't want it crumbling around us. Does this work on double wide with a brick foundation.
Vicinity of Lantern Run in Sanford
Our stamped concrete sidewalk has sank about 1.5" where it meets the brick steps. This section of slab is approximately 3'x7' is size. We also have about a 2' section of the brick steps that have sank on one side, about 2". This section was added at the last minute, so no footing. They are only two steps high.
Vicinity of Northview Dr. in Sanford
Floors in home are sepersted from molding a good inch and a half. Very visible floors are uneaven/sinking.
Vicinity of Bellaire Dr in Sanford
There was an addition added onto the house before I bought it. It is about a 12 by 14 room. From where it is added to the house to the outer wall the floor drops about 12 inches.
Vicinity of Magnolia Court in Sanford
We have uneven floors in our kitchen that causes our laundry room door to stick, as well as two other doors to need to be kept open with door stops. We have been told that the house, which sits on engineered floor joists, needs to be jacked up and shimmed to alleviate the problem.
Vicinity of Irish Blvd in Sanford
Walls cracking, door sticking, walls and ceiling seams separating
Vicinity of Lakeside Lane in Sanford
Mildew on floor joist. Insulation hanging down.
Vicinity of Meadow Spring Lane in Sanford
Retired US Army husband and wife need our 1100 sq ft crawl space evaluated for anything that needs to be done. Concerned about Mold Spores insulation
Vicinity of Buckhorn Road in Sanford
I currently have a mold/moisture problem in my crawl space. I'm interested in getting an estimate on correcting this issue.
Vicinity of Chippendale Trail in Sanford
Crawl space ducting is being completely removed to install new heating and air conditioning system. Want a quote on replacing plastic barrier before installing new duct work.
Vicinity of Bullard Road in Sanford
W have a doublewide trailer. We have installed a french drain, have had plastic placed on the ground and have 2 large fans for circulation. We have also sprayed under the house with a bleach solution. We have a fould odor in the house which increases when the fans are turned off.
Vicinity of in Sanford
Crwal space vapor Barrier Dehumidefier
Vicinity of Glenwood Nc in Sanford
Water in crawl space
Vicinity of Buckhorn Road in Sanford
My concern is that my foundation has settled and the floors are not level. The brick under the front of the house is bent, and could be replaced. Also my crawl space is probably 2-3 feet high, maybe. Give me a call asap to schedule my free estimate asap. Thanks!
Vicinity of Columbine Rd in Sanford
I would like to get a free estimate on some repairs of I Beam joists damaged by moisture and a solution for eliminating moisture in the crawlspace. Can you recommend someone who does this in my area?

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