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Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Goldsboro. Learn more about Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair's recent work requests in Goldsboro and nearby areas!

Learn more about Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair's recent work requests in Goldsboro, NC
Vicinity of Park Ave B in Goldsboro
I have a 95 year old home. I'm concerned about the supports underneath the house and would like to address moisture concerns as well
Vicinity of S. Andrews Ave in Goldsboro
Basement leaking, inefficient sump pump system.
Vicinity of Sable Dr in Goldsboro
Was down in the crawl and noticed standing water over existing vapor barrier in some spots, as well as mold. Will likely be selling our home in the coming months and looking to get it ready to go on the market.
Vicinity of Deluca in Goldsboro
Need a sagging floor repaired
Vicinity of in Goldsboro
Installation blown in my attic
Vicinity of in Goldsboro
Vicinity of Shadywood Dr in Goldsboro
Crawl space has insulation falling and possible standing water
Vicinity of E Raintree Ln in Goldsboro
We needed an estimate to have a moisture barrier replaced in crawl space
Vicinity of Livingston Dr in Goldsboro
We have a walk out basement and are interested in making this space into an apartment.
Vicinity of Muriel Hooks Dr in Goldsboro
Crack above restroom door in master bedroom. Also a crack outside. Slight dip when walking in hallway. Was told house is just settling but id like to be sure it isnt any worse than what i think it is now
Vicinity of Cottonwood Dr in Goldsboro
Large crack in cement floor in detached garage
Vicinity of Moss Hill Drive in Goldsboro
Noticing a strong mildew/mold smell in home.
Vicinity of Darby Rd. in Goldsboro
Foundation not level; cracks above door frames.
Vicinity of Milwood Dr. in Goldsboro
Cracking driveway
Vicinity of Azalea Dr in Goldsboro
I have an area of my concrete drive way that is sinking, has gotten worse over last new months.
Vicinity of Earl Drive in Goldsboro
Comment: Service CS **This Is A No Charge BrandBlaster Lead**
Vicinity of East Raintree Lane in Goldsboro
The concrete sidewalk slab is uneven and tilted back towards my front door steps. Causing water to drain towards the house instead of away from the house. Also, it is a 'tripping' hazard. Instead of removing the that sidewalk section and re-pouring the concrete, I saw a YouTube video of the foam injection and hope it is a much economical solution to tilt this section back.
Vicinity of East Walnut Street in Goldsboro
Comment: Service CS **This Is A No Charge BrandBlaster Lead**
Vicinity of Pinemont Circle in Goldsboro
Cracked ledger strip Crawl space insulation damage
Vicinity of Chancery Drive in Goldsboro
Water in the crawl space periodically.
Vicinity of N. Leslie Street in Goldsboro
Unleveled floors, beam dropped under the house
Vicinity of Walnut Creek Drive in Goldsboro
Standing water in crawlspace. Foundation vents need to be sealed and crawlspace needs to be encapsulated. Need to have certified, bonded contractor to give me a quote for repairs and drainage.
Vicinity of in Goldsboro
My ,Name Thomas my house is real wet and damp under the house we need help
Vicinity of Cliffwell Dr in Goldsboro
I would like an estimate for foundation repair on a detached garage. There is a crack in the brick from the bottom to the top of the back wall that gets wider as it goes up.
Vicinity of Comm in Goldsboro
Cost of aerosol duct sealant compared to our DIY duct sealing
Vicinity of W Mulberry St in Goldsboro
I. Buying a house and I'm going to need foundation repairs. I would like a estimate before a comity to the house
Vicinity of Morgan Trace Lane in Goldsboro
Looking for some waterproofing in crawl space
Vicinity of Brock Rd in Goldsboro
We have a few areas with sagging/sloped floors. we would like to remodel and know we need to start with floor repair.
Vicinity of Beech Street in Goldsboro
Water in the basement due to water table off and on just damp!
Vicinity of Ferrell Dr in Goldsboro
Need help with installing moisture barrier and fixing moisture issues
Vicinity of Summer Wind Drive in Goldsboro
Have a storm drain that has impacted my driveway. I need the driveway level and soil compacted underneath due to water erosion.
Vicinity of Albert Dr in Goldsboro
One floor joist beneath my home has water damage due to a leaking shower drain. I repaired the leak, but the water damage to the floor joist needs repair/replacement. I'd like to find out if you replace/repair floor joists and replace insulation within a crawlspace. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of Meadowlark Road in Goldsboro
Brick veneer cracking. Water inundation in crawl space from storms. Trim and toe molding in 2 corners of front room separating.
Vicinity of Lake Shore Drive in Goldsboro
My exterminating company described moisture under the house when they did their last inspection. They made an offer but I believe in getting more than one offer for work to be done. I look forward to your contact. Thanks.
Vicinity of East Walnut Street in Goldsboro
I have a house that needs leveling
Vicinity of Barkridge Pl in Goldsboro
Looking for a quote for Crawlspace encapsulation.
Vicinity of E Walnut ST in Goldsboro
Floor halfway in the living room has about a two inch slope. door are getting harder to shut and latch.
Vicinity of Highwoods Dr. in Goldsboro
Buying a home that has standing water in crawl space and some crack in the bricks and mortar. Want an estimate on how much it will cost to fix and if it is a problem.
Vicinity of Moss Hill Drive in Goldsboro
Sill and beam rotted needing replacement
Vicinity of Ninth St. in Goldsboro
Floor not level in various areas.
Vicinity of Dogwood Trail in Goldsboro
Cracks in brick, interior wall and crawl space moisture.
Vicinity of Twin Drive in Goldsboro
My home has weak spots under the flooring. Much worse in the summer months.
Vicinity of Buck Swamp Rd in Goldsboro
Looking for cost of crawl space encapsulation to eliminate musty smell upon entry to house
Vicinity of in Goldsboro
Water leaking into crawl space. Previously did landscape improvements but this didn't fix problem.
Vicinity of Farrington Pl in Goldsboro
Mold and moisture in crawl space.
Vicinity of Summer Wind in Goldsboro
I have some spots of mold in my crawl space under the house. I would like a free estimate for cleaning
Vicinity of Johnson Branch Road in Goldsboro
Home inspection found mold in crawl space.
Vicinity of Old Smithfield in Goldsboro
Moisture issues in crawl space. Some missing insulation under house.
Vicinity of BRIDLE PATH RD in Goldsboro
My walls are pulling away from the ceiling in the center of my house. It appears to be spreading across the entire house.
Vicinity of Windyfield Dr in Goldsboro
Crawlspace vapor barrier and mold removal
Vicinity of in Goldsboro
Water under house and mildew may be in airway ducts.
Vicinity of Head St in Goldsboro
Mold removal
Vicinity of Creek Ct in Goldsboro
Dampness in house animals making a home there
Vicinity of Grantham School Road in Goldsboro
I had to pull out all my insulation and belly liner to install new ductwork and A/C. And it is really damp and wet under my Double Wise. I'm trying to fund out my best option.
Vicinity of Old Smithfield RD in Goldsboro
Previous owner cut out section of foundation and did not secure. Leaning foundation in one area.
Vicinity of Herbert St in Goldsboro
My house was flooded during the Matthew storm (up to crawl spec area only). Crawl space has been repaired. I have damage in the back of the house around the steps and I under the carport.
Vicinity of Corbin Rd in Goldsboro
Downstairs floor is sagging.
Vicinity of West Walnut Street in Goldsboro
Foundation repair/house needs to be raised
Vicinity of Livingston. Dr. in Goldsboro
Have a 30 yr old basement that has leaked twice. Once in 1999 with Hurricane Floyd and recently in Hurricane Matthew.
Vicinity of South Alabama Ave in Goldsboro
We receive water in our crawl space during the recent flooding in our area. We would like to get it dried out. Do you perform this service I our area? If so can I get a quote for this service?
Vicinity of Stratford Road in Goldsboro
Water in crawl space from hurricane Matthew. This provides an opportunity for me to find the best course of protection and healthy environment for my crawl space thus my entire home.
Vicinity of Cashwell Place in Goldsboro
Cracks in exterior.
Vicinity of Redfield Pl in Goldsboro
I need a quote for sealing
Vicinity of Abbey Place in Goldsboro
Moisture in the crawl space.
Vicinity of S Marion Dr in Goldsboro
Looking for a quote to install a dehumidifier and wrap the walls of the crawl space. we already have a vapor barrier on the ground.
Vicinity of Callaway Ct in Goldsboro
Moisture issue in crawl space.
Vicinity of Phillips Ridge Lane in Goldsboro
Concrete porch has sunken and needs leveling.
Vicinity of East Walnut St. in Goldsboro
One of our two chimneys over many years has very slowly moved away from the house. When performing some non-related work, a contractor recommended that we have the problem addressed right away.
Vicinity of in Goldsboro
Foundation settling, inside ceiling cracked and some doors hard to close.
Vicinity of Bayleaf Dr in Goldsboro
Standing water in my crawl space and falling insulation. Looking into crawlspace incapsulation and insulation.
Vicinity of Mcarthur St in Goldsboro
Wet basement
Vicinity of Charlie Braswell Road in Goldsboro
Crawl space moisture
Vicinity of Highwoods Dr in Goldsboro
We are interested in purchasing a property. We noticed that on of the corners of the house has settled causing a crack line down the brick fascia.
Vicinity of Forest Dr. in Goldsboro
Back wall of 400 sq ft room separating from house. laddened with stone foreplace.
Vicinity of E New Hope Road in Goldsboro
Crawl space and mildew, air quality
Vicinity of Jacobs Ridge Drive in Goldsboro
Our home is at the bottom of a slope, and we have very poor drainage. We have been interested in having a French drain put in for awhile, but now are having issues with moisture/water seeping through the cinderblock wall in the garage. Would love for someone to come and take a look and see what can be done.
Vicinity of Cuyler Best Road in Goldsboro
Foundation cracks in need of repair
Vicinity of Amhurst Place in Goldsboro
We've had a lot of rain the past few months which has now caused a lot of standing water in the crawlspace. Can you give me an estimate on what it would take to get the water out and protected for any future occurrences.
Vicinity of S. John St. in Goldsboro
Cracks on the sides of house outside and seperation between ceiling & molding
Vicinity of Bear Creek Rd in Goldsboro
I have standing water in my crawl space after heavy rains. Need drainage sys leading to a sump to clear out water. Also, need to re-vapor barrier the dirt crawl space as it was destroyed with new heat ducting.
Vicinity of Eagle Place in Goldsboro
2x8 floor joist sagging in 31 yr old house. 3 bed rm/1 bath rach style. (1,100 sq ft)Sag is about 1-1/2"
Vicinity of Planters Place in Goldsboro
Moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of Coy Place in Goldsboro
Interested in getting a drain placed at the end of driveway before going into garage to prevent garage from flooding with severe rain storm. Is this something your company can do? Driveway is concrete. Thanks
Vicinity of Adler Lane in Goldsboro
We had a high moisture content reading come up on this home and the termite company has recommended a 6 ml plastic vapor (similar to a sealed crawlspace) and a dehumidifier. I am interested in a sealed crawlspace to eliminate the problem completely and need to know the cost associated with that as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Wayne Memorial Drive in Goldsboro
Moister and mildew under house. Starting to rot floor beams.
Vicinity of Salem Country Ln in Goldsboro
There is mold underneath the house,the duct work needs replacement and the floor joists are rotting. Moisture levels are high underneath the house. Need it fixed and preventative measures taken.
Vicinity of West Raintree Lane in Goldsboro
Bowing floor, cracked walls, wet crawl space.
Vicinity of Cassedale Dr in Goldsboro
Water seeping into basement
Vicinity of W. Hooks River Rd in Goldsboro
Have a really bad bust in wall
Vicinity of Weatherby Dr in Goldsboro
Indications of foundation settling: cracked brick siding, gaps forming in hardwood floors, gaps forming around interior moulding, some drywall cracks. The home is built on a crawlspace. I would like to coordinate an inspection and free estimate. I am currently working nights, so please do not call before 11am. I have Monday off, so if you have anyone available to stop by then that would be easiest.
Vicinity of Sandy Drive in Goldsboro
I have a crack in one of my bedroom walls. I'd like to have it checked out to make sure it's not a foundation issue.
Vicinity of Hare Rd in Goldsboro
We have some drainage issues around the house. Went in crawl space and there is a lot of moisture .. Also noticed some mold under the cement porch.
Vicinity of West Doe Trail in Goldsboro
We have a vapor barrier in place and our wood moisture level is 18% in most places (20% in a few spots.) However, we are concerned with the amount of mold or fungi that is growing in there. We would like to have it well cleaned and sealed properly.
Vicinity of Earl Drive in Goldsboro
I have standing moisture and a poor vapor barrier
Vicinity of Central Hts Rd in Goldsboro
Hole in the floor and damaged sill plate in the door entry at the the threshold area, also some floor joists and maybe some gurters in the the crawl space area damaged as well....all appear to be moisture related.
Vicinity of Westfield Street in Goldsboro
Mold/allergies/clean fresh smell in house.
Vicinity of Valleywood Drive in Goldsboro
I have bid on a house and am ready to close. Inspection revealed some issuers with mold on a floor joists and insulation in ned of repair. Realator got a qoute on thse repairs, plus the instalation of a moisture barier. Was told it may a little high a house this size(1310 sq ft) , but need to close by 7/31/13 so pressed for time.
Vicinity of E Raintree Lane in Goldsboro
Looking to improve/repair insulation in crawlspace. Then deal with moisture issue due to being next to ditch and getting a lot of neighborhood runoff.
Vicinity of Dobbs Place in Goldsboro
5 year old house want quote for moisture barrier and maybe Dehumidifier
Vicinity of Kestrel Ct in Goldsboro
Crawl space is damp. Last summer A/C ducts became damp, not sure if it was became I left the crawl space vents open. There is also a little mold on the wood/insulation in one area.
Vicinity of South Hillcrest Drive in Goldsboro
I have a house with a sunroom built on an incline. The sunroom is sinking unevenly making doors difficult or impossible to open. I would like to first level the foundation upon which the sunroom is rested on and then stabilize it so that it will not shift or sink any more. Thanks!
Vicinity of Lane Tree Dr in Goldsboro
Standing water in crawl space with possible fungus on wood. And poor installation.
Vicinity of Holland Hill Dr. in Goldsboro
My basement has one wall partly underground. Since hurricane Floyd, I have had a small problem with seepage through the cinder block. The blocks turn yellow. I have bonded it several times but it continues to leak through, No water though. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
Vicinity of Milwood Pointe in Goldsboro
Crawl space encapsulation, sealed vents
Vicinity of Bob Braswell Court in Goldsboro
Had Vinly put in my bathrooms and it keeps bubbling up....the flooring people said i should check for Moisture.
Vicinity of in Goldsboro
Apparently someone installed the insulation under our home upside down. Now we're experiencing a serious moisture issue. Already had one company quote us $3,000 to rip out old insulation and vapor barrier, treat wood for mildew and replace insulation and vapor barrier. Just interested in comparing prices before we make a decision. Thank you for your help.
Vicinity of Buck Swamp Rd in Goldsboro
Needing to replace a crawl space door. it is 23 and 1/2 inches high and 36 inches long. How much will it cost to have this installed?
Vicinity of Jennifer Place in Goldsboro
Vapor barrier and dehumidifier in crawl space average price
Vicinity of Live Oak Drive in Goldsboro
Selling house, inspector said there was a problem. slight old mold growth on 20% of bottom of floor joists. water drops on AC trunk line and at attaching points of feeder ductwork. About 500 sq ft of insulation is wet on bottom surface. I believe problem is poorly insulated trunkline and deteriorated feeder ducts at connection points. contractor wants to do full removal and scrub of joists and install dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Jacobs Ridge Dr in Goldsboro
Would like to get a quote on a repair on my back right corner of my house. Thanks.
Vicinity of North Virginia Street in Goldsboro
Crawl space and foundation are causing the outside brick fascade to crack. the house is over 100 years old.

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