Southeast Foundation and Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Crawl Space Dehumidification in Wilson, NC

Despite having a dehumidifier in their crawl space, this customer's dehumidifier was not performing as it should, which caused mold growth, structural damage, and musty odors. In place of the old system, we installed the high-performance SaniDry Sedona. The SaniDry Sedona offers giant performance in a small package. This is the world's most efficient, high-performance dehumidifier without a bulky heat exchanger. While the Sedona fits easily into small crawl spaces, its powerful blower can effectively dry large crawl spaces as well. In crawl spaces, mold and mildew are common, but the Sedona keeps the relative humidity below 55%. As a high-efficiency dehumidifier, the Sedona removes more moisture (100 pints per day) for less electricity cost than conventional models.

Installation of an airtight crawl space door in Wilson, NC

Old crawl space doors can lead to many problems for your home. Along with being an eyesore, they also allow pests such as termites, ants, and mice into your home. A clean, airtight seal is created with the EverLast Crawl Space Door to prevent those problems from occurring. 

Transforming a Crawl Space in Stokes, NC

Danny contacted Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair looking to have the crawl space of his home encapsulated. He had noticed they had a bad moisture problem in the home. He had an old vapor barrier and dehumidifier installed in the crawl space and still noticed moisture and possible mold growth in the crawl space. Our crew, lead by Jason Hines, installed the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System. By installing the CleanSpace System, we were able to seal off the crawl space the earth's ground, which was the actual issue. 

Structural Repair in Wendell, NC

Catherine contacted Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair with concerns about unlevel floors at her home in Wendell, NC.

One of our design specialists, Justin E., inspected the home. After the inspection, Justin proposed that having Smart Jacks installed to help with the floors in the home.

Our crew led by Austin H., installed the Smart Jack System to help stabilize the floors in the 1917 old Farmhouse.

Catherine is very satisfied with the work SEFR did to help protect her American Dream.

Jammed Door

Customer in Knighdale, NC had an interior door that would no longer shut. Floor underneath was off 

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