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Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Hope Mills. Learn more about Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair's recent work requests in Hope Mills and nearby areas!

Learn more about Southeast Foundation & Crawl Space Repair's recent work requests in Hope Mills, NC
Vicinity of John McMillan Road in Hope Mills
Back patio has a concrete surface. Part of the patio has dropped two inches.
Vicinity of Ballentine St. in Hope Mills
Crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Crenshaw Drive in Hope Mills
Double garage 24 sq ft on even on right side where ground has sunk
Vicinity of Clubhouse Lane in Hope Mills
Odor when heat comes on -
Vicinity of Woolard Drive in Hope Mills
Brick foundation pillars crumbled under the house
Vicinity of Edward E Maynor Drive in Hope Mills
Crawl space has water pooling over 3-4 inches during recent flood. Water goes under house during rains. Concerns include problems include protecting a new heat pump, foundation, wood rot, etc.
Vicinity of Dominique St in Hope Mills
I would like to get a quote on removal of my old moisture barrier and replacing it with new. 1300sq ft crawl space.
Vicinity of Dickens Ave in Hope Mills
Want to install vapor barrier in the crawl space only @1600 square feet
Vicinity of Redmill Lane in Hope Mills
Approximate 3-foot vertical crack from bottom of brick foundation to top where siding begins.
Vicinity of Odom Road in Hope Mills
We just bought a house and 1 side has settled or dropped, we need the house leveled
Vicinity of Thompson Cir in Hope Mills
My crawl space is flooding.
Vicinity of Derby Lane in Hope Mills
Concrete walkway needs lifting.
Vicinity of Sycamore Drive in Hope Mills
Water intrusion-basement housing, tunneling to garage
Vicinity of Foxwood Dr in Hope Mills
Creaking floors and uneven floors are my concern with the subfloor/ foundation
Vicinity of Colonial Cove in Hope Mills
Have cracks in drywall, separating ceiling from walls, cracks in grouted tile.
Vicinity of Lakeshore Dr in Hope Mills
Small cracks and uneven floors and doors that will not shut. It has settling woes! You will need to contact me by email because I can not hear on the phone.
Vicinity of Packhouse Dr in Hope Mills
Crawl space door well area hold water. It is not deep enough during heavy rain. Water seeping under the crawl space door.
Vicinity of Heidelberg Drive in Hope Mills
Floor is uneven, it is rising in some areas.
Vicinity of Hillcrest St. in Hope Mills
Existing house. 1/2 of house is crawlspace, the other 1/2 is a walk-in basement. Basically, only 2 of the sides are exposed to the earth. Basement total size is between 1000 and 1100 sq. ft. The exterior walls of the basement need to be waterproofed. There is to "parging" on the outside of the walls.
Vicinity of Scenic Pines Drive in Hope Mills
We have a "hill" in our kitchen floor that we noticed when trying to lay laminate flooring over the existing linoleum floor. There is a crawl space beneath the entire house. We need to know what can be done to fix this problem so that we can continue laying the flooring in the kitchen.
Vicinity of Walking Trail Way in Hope Mills
We are buying this home it is under contract with Fannie Mae, we had 10 days to do an inspection on the home. The inspector found a lot mold in the crawl space and Fannie mae has asked to submit an estimate for the repairs. I was hoping someone can go out there and take a look at the crawl space ASAP since we are pressed for time so we can get them to fix the crawl space for us.
Vicinity of Sturbridge Dr in Hope Mills
I have noticed a hole in the foundation of my house and would like an estimate as to how much the cost of repair would be.
Vicinity of Labrador Dr. in Hope Mills
We have mold in our basement/crawl space and need to know what to do about it.
Vicinity of Masters Dr in Hope Mills
Read several reviews and an open crawlspace seems to be oudated building techniques. Wanting to enclose it in make it more energy efficient.
Vicinity of Gilliam St in Hope Mills
After pulling up a piece of the floor board I noticed that the joists are sagging from the center joist. It appears there are two center joists running in the house and the other joists are toenailed to these joists. The house has a lot of bounce. I planned on sistering some joists after I jacked up the house but was looking into something else. Your system looks pretty easy so I hope your prices are reasonable.
Vicinity of Maistone Lane in Hope Mills
I would like to get an estimate on sealing my crawlspace; home is roughly 1600 sq ft.
Vicinity of Chaucer Drive in Hope Mills
I have a 26x26 work shop behind my house on a slab. I noticed the other day when walking around the building the dirt under the foundation was washed out. When I pushed a 4' pole in the dirt around the foundation I found that I can push the pole in the dirt with little resistance in the area of the washout. I'm not sure if it's from settling or water from rain the building has been in place for about 5 years no issue until now. Is this something you all can take a look at and possibly a course of action to repair. I look forward to hearing back from you, thank you. Lenny
Vicinity of Alexwood Drive in Hope Mills
My foundation has cracked, the builder has since passed away, so statue of limitations does no longer apply for my foundation of my home, I need some information about repair cost before problem get even worse
Vicinity of Masterpiece Dr. in Hope Mills
I bought my home new in 2006 (I believe it was built in 05) and have recently noticed the hardwood floor in my kitchen and living room separating in one straight line. It has a crawl space and is located in the Gray's Creek area.

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